Bold Women Leaders Program - Membership

Quarterly Circles designed for you to learn the core strategies to help you position yourself and learn from others. Additionally the platform offers workbooks under the Bold Woman Series to support your personal and professional development and allow us as women to gain freedom and power  vs only empowerment.
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What you are going to learn


Do you often struggle with finding your voice or positioning yourself in various spheres? Do you face difficulties in navigating in your own freedom and power in the spaces you occupy? You are definitely not alone facing these issues. After attending the programs round table, engaging in the workbook and circles you will:
  • Be able to accurately identify your vision, circle of competencies and create your personal brand and positioning exclusively best fit to yourself and personal journey.
  • Become a stronger leaner, and more strategic leader, focusing on the right frameworks for you.
  • Know how to overcome fear and gain confidence with your own voice throughout the critical moments by following specific techniques and using relevant inspiration from others in the most effective and appropriate way.
  • Learn a number of frameworks, tap into more know-how to lead self first and then others effectively on a consistent regular basis.
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