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Charged Woman Journal Duo Pack with exclusive Clior Round Table session

Unravel the power of intentional journaling A practice of journaling – facilitated by Bold women journal package – brings clarity, improves emotional intelligence, builds mindfulness, increases confidence. Now you can have a full package and guide to gain awareness and bring clarity to you.
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  • 2 Mini Journal Guides 
  • 1 Exclusive Session/s

Start Journaling Sustainable

You will have guides to shape your thoughts and run assessments on your well being whilst nailing down some tangible actionable.

Discover Power in small circles

Instead of the huge webinar crowd , you have the opportunity to have a smaller round table / or 1-1 session to get you inspired.
Meet the instructor

Be part of the circle

Make use of your exclusive rights to be part of the round table that gathers and curates powerful conversations on topics of your choice / or 1-1s to tackle those bottle necks or areas you feel you are stalling and need support.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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